Charles originally studied at Birmingham College of Art in the 60`s but succumbed to the world of commerce and advertising during the 70`s and 80`s.

In the late 80`s he took a trip to the far East where he acquired a deep interest in the Orient and its cultures. Inspired by this in 1990 he returned to his first love, painting, culminating in his unique one-man show in 1991 featuring Japan`s national sport, Sumo

Looking for further inspiration he was introduced by chance to Miyako Yoshida, principal dancer with the Royal Ballet. Here was the start of his fascination for ballet and dance, which has since led him to work with, in addition to Miyako, such notable and diverse dancers as classical ballerina Darcey Bussell, flamenco sensation Joaquín Cortés and classical Indian dancer Chitraleka Bolar. His admiration for the grace and beauty of the dancer has lead naturally to the development of his work in female form.

His encounters with stage and performance created an opportunity in 1996 to work with the Royal Shakespeare Theatre covering various Shakespearian plays including Tim Albery`s Macbeth one painting from this series achieved a finalist place in the prestigious Garrick Milne Prize.

Charles continues to seek new and inspiring subjects from each of his preferred disciplines. Click on Studio News for news and views on his latest projects.

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